Increase Saudi Snapchat Followers

Increase Saudi Snapchat Followers

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Saudi Arabia currently has a total population of 33.85 million. Of that population, 23 million or 68% are active social media users. To cut through the social noise, you need to be aware of all relevant social media statistics in Saudi Arabia. From online demographics to the top 10 influencers on Facebook and Instagram, this article will let you know who’s online and what they are up to.Social media has come to play a decisive role in the rapidly transforming Saudi society. Saudi Arabia continues to be a social media powerhouse, being one of the biggest national markets for Snapchat and YouTube in the world. The global rise in social media amounts to 9.2% annually and Saudi Arabia leads the race among other nations with an exponential annual growth rate of 8.7%.

Snapchat stats

  • 13.65 million Saudis use Snapchat

  • 52% of adults can be reached on the messaging app

  • Quarter-on-quarter growth was negative by 15%

  • 51% of Snapchat’s users are female, 47% are male

  • Sixth most active social media platform in the country

  • 2.3 million users are from Generation X

  • 10 million users are Millennials

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